I have posted a sample technical reports to give you an ideaof what I am looking for.  You are freeto choose any topic that youd like, as long as it relates to the use of someinformation technology by business or other organizations.    As with any other term paper, it would bewell organized and well written.  Itshould be precise and clear.  You mayformat it however you wish, but it should be about 1200 to 1500 words inlength.   It should begin with anExecutive Summary of about 1 page that is essentially a brief abstract of whatthe paper covers.  The executive summaryshould have enough detail  for a manager(or other reader) to  get a general  idea of the main concepts in the paper.  Bullet points are often good ways ofsummarizing what is in the paper.  Thenthe paper discusses each point more fully. The report should summarize the technology and its ramification fororganizations in terms that a well-educated manager can understand.   Youshould have at least 3 or 4 references. You are encouraged to use the Internet as a source for your paper but do not plagiarize!

Example topics might include some aspect of healthcareinformation systems, virtual worlds such as Second Life, social sites such asFacebook or MySpace, enterprise resource planning systems, customerrelationship management systems, business intelligence systems, geographicinformation systems, Wikipedia and other wikis, etc.   The main thing is for you to consider theorganizational and managerial implications of the technology rather than justdescribing the technology itself, although that will normally be part of thepaper too. 

Alternatively, you can focus on an organization and discusshow it uses information technology as part of its strategy.  Google, Dell, or Walmart would be possibleexamples.