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Technology and Instruments for supporting someone with a disability.
Paper details:

This is a two-part assignment, continuing to move out of theoretical learning and into practical application, exploring and discussing the various adaptations people may use, and describing a tool you could use to support someone with a disability.


First, you will explore the various types of technology/devices people with disabilities use in their daily lives to support their quality of life. You will research and select a You Tube video showcasing a type of technology or adaptive device and write a short blip about your video.

Please locate You Tube video(s), of at least 5 minutes in length, showing technology a person with disabilities might use in their daily lives. Post your video here on the DB along with a paragraph detailing the impact the device has on their life and why you chose your video(s).

2. Instruments/Methods *Try educator resource websites/YT videos for ideas.

Second, you will create an instrument to use to support a student with a disability, providing instructions for others to learn how to make.

What type of adaptation/tool could you make, using materials already available in your classroom, to enrich a childs school experience? It is important to identify the disability first, so you can understand what he or she will need in the classroom.