In-Text Citation: Need at least 2 in-text citations1 quote and one paraphrased in-text citation! Make sure to have an entry on the Works Cited page that relates to the in-text citation

Works Cited Page: MLA format

Length: 3 full pages (going over only a line or two is ok, more is not)

Make sure to have a strong thesis statement that introduces the ideas youll be discussing in the essay. Also, pay attention to topic sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences that wrap up your paragraphs ideas.

Research Essay #5 Ten Ways to Fight Hate Photo Assignment:

  • Carefully read the article entitled, Ten Ways to Fight Hate published by SLPC in 2017. Choose one of the photos from the article. All photos are numbered in the upper right-hand corner, so refer to the picture by its number.

  • Discuss why you chose that photo. Give at least two or three reasons why this picture was chosen: 
    • Was it the subject matter? 
    • Was it the message, either direct or indirect? 
    • Was the photo provocative? What did it provoke in you?
    • Did it have an interesting composition or background?
    • Did you identify with the subjects in the photo?

  • Discuss the ways that photos can affect people:
    • Can photos be used to sway peoples emotions? How?
    • Can pictures express emotions? How?
    • Can they send messages or deliver points of view? 
    • What is it about the picture or photo that can impact human beings?

  • Based on the photo you chose, and the article, in general, what is the message you agree or disagree with? What can you do to combat hate? Do you want to? What WILL you do to combat hate? Please be introspective about these questions and explore and discuss your feelings and response to the text and the photos in this article.

  • This is not just a list of questions to answeruse your pre-writing skills to organize your thoughts. Make sure to use transitions to connect your thoughts appropriately. Always keep in mind that you need to use MLA format. 

NoteI will not judge you by the picture you choose or the opinions you express. Youll only be evaluated based on the introspection and critical thinking you express in the essay, and your organization and writing skills.