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the Catholic Church 2) the Jesuits 3) the natives (the Guaraní)

INSTRUCTIONS: Write a 750-1000 word (about 3-4 typewritten pages with evenly doublespaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman or Garamond or Batang font) analytical essay on the film, The Mission. Your introductory paragraph must delineate a clear thesis statement (i.e., your argument written in one or two sentences), based on answering the following research question: è How does The Mission portray: 1) the Catholic Church, 2) the Jesuits, and 3) the natives (the Guaraní) Your film analysis essay MUST contain the following five elements: 1. An introductory paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) that provides a few sentences of plot summary and then clearly delineates your thesis statement (i.e., your argument, which is your answer to the question posed above) 2 to 4. An essay body consisting of one component of analysis EACH (about 2-3 paragraphs, with a paragraph being 5-7 complete sentences) on how the film portrays:

1) the Catholic Church 2) the Jesuits 3) the natives (the Guaraní) [not necessarily in that order] è NOTE: Elements 2 to 4 will NOT simply consist of 3 paragraphs; rather it will be made up of approximately 6-9 separate paragraphs 5. A concise concluding paragraph that ties together the main points/conclusions of your essay and reiterates your thesis statement. *NOTE CAREFULLY*: 1) Any essay less than 750 words will NOT receive a passing grade. Your essay may slightly go over the maximum word count of 1000 words. 2) Your essay MUST include at least 5 in-text citations (MLA style) to the Schofield Saeger scholarly article, of which only 2 may be “direct quotations”, that is, you are asked to paraphrase/summarize (i.e., put into your own words) what you decide to cite from the article è Any essay that does NOT use at least 5 in-text citations will NOT receive a passing grade è You do NOT need to provide citations when referencing the film, The Mission The following demonstrates an example of proper in-text parenthetical citation in MLA format: …seen in the way the film portrays the Jesuits (Schofield Saeger 395). … and indoctrinated them in Christian ideology and European customs” (Schofield Saeger 396).