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The topic for this paper is the use of Glucose Insulin Potassium infusion during
cardiac surgery as offering myocardial protection. During cardiac surgery, the 
heart is chemically arrested to perform a procedure, through things like
aortic clamping and cardiopulmonary bypass. During this time, the heart risks
ischemia and myocardial injury and ischemia are major complications affecting
morbidity and mortality. Therefore the focus of this paper is the use of glucose
insulin potassium during cardiac surgeries

1. Problem identification: What is wrong with the current situation?

  2. Background: What is the nature of the problem, the context of the situation that readers need to understand?

  3. Scope of the problem: How big a problem is it; how many people are affected?

  4. Consequences of the problem: What is the cost of not fixing the problem?

  5. Knowledge gaps: What information about the problem is lacking?

  6. Proposal solution: What is the basis for believing that the proposed study would contribute to the solution of the problem? (Polit & Beck, 2008, pg. 92).