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Research Paper Assignment:
Research papers require you to apply critical thought to a specific topic. Typically, research papers fall under either argumentative or analytical modes. You will adopt an argumentative style. When you write in an argumentative mode, it develops your ability to convey your thoughts clearly and persuasively.

The difference between arguing a point through conversation, and writing argumentatively, is that through writing, you can often be more articulate and concise in expressing your ideas. This is because an argumentative essay requires research in order to provide factual, statistical, anecdotal, and logical support for your specific assertion.

You will write an argumentative research essay on any topic that has been discussed in class, or on a tangential aspect of one of those topics, or a combination thereof. Tangential topics must be approved by me.

Your paper will follow a specific format:
An introduction that includes a hook, general information about the topic, explains why the topic is important, and how it connects to your claim (a specific, complex thesis statement) that comes at the end of the introductory paragraph.
Evidence that explains/supports your thesis. (as many paragraphs needed to argue your case)
Counter Argument/Rebuttal that in a fair manner, addresses opposing views, and then refutes those views by proving/showing why/how they are false, weak, or undesirable, and how your claim is valid and better.
Write a conclusion that restates the claim(thesis), summarizes the support used for the claim, and offers a fresh perspective on the topic.

You should try to focus your attention on immediate or major points that are known or assumed to be true. In order to achieve a balanced argument, you will need to shelve any emotional attachment you may have to your topic and consider all possible positions. Remember, a balanced argument also considers the opposition!

I will be paying particular attention to your thesis statement, as well as your ability to stay focused on the argument set forth in your thesis. As always, I will be looking at your individual paragraph organization, making sure that each paragraph is focused on one idea, one aspect of the essays argument. In addition, I will also be paying particular attention to your essay organization, checking to see that it flows naturally, specifically within the parameters of the assignment.


2000 words (8 pages), typed, double-spaced, 12 font, 1-inch margins. MLA format!
Works cited page, not included in the page count. Must have at least 5 sources, 2 of which must be peer-reviewed, academic papers.
The thesis statement must be in BOLD!
Avoid contractions, slang/colloquialisms. Must be written in 3rd person perspective.