The Effects of Television/Screen Time on Children
Paper details:
I originally got this paper from your website. After really sitting down to make my changes, I see that it is VERY badly written.

The sources were thrown in sections of the paper where it doesn’t make sense. The sources do not match what the paper says. I even found text in the paper that was from a source that was not cited. The works cited wasn’t formatted properly either.

Please edit/rewrite this paper to make it make sense with the sources used. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as I make changes anyway. But it has to make sense and be quality for what I paid.

The sources NEED to match the context of the section of the paper where they were placed.

Please use the SAME sources, as I have already read through them all. You don’t have to use them all but whichever ones you do use, need to make sense.

I have attached:
The original paper downloaded from this site.
The paper with the changes I started to make.
The sources that need to be used.