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(b) During initial site meetings it becomes clear that the proposed equipment and


industrial suppliers are not the most environmentally friendly options on the market


but have been suggested to cut costs. Furthermore, the safety record of the proposed


suppliers has been called into question with some previous Health and Safety


violations. Both issues have been ignored and overlooked by the supervising


Engineer who seems keen to get the job completed given the promise of future




What course of action should you take and what, if any, ICE code of conduct rules


have been breached?




(c) The emissions levels in the report and the H&S track record of the suppliers were


challenged as part of the planning application and the supervising Engineer pointed


the finger of blame at you, quoting rule 5 of the ICE code of practice.  2022 latest answers


Formulate your


defence stating clearly whether you feel this blame is justified.

Discuss the ethical issues that are evident in the above scenario referring to the ICE


code of conduct rules as appropriate. 2022 latest answers