Developing a Framework for Valuation of NFT-based Digital Art
Paper details:
The research paper focuses on how to develop a framework to valuate NFT-based digital art. Sotheby’s has a specific set of criteria that they use when valuating luxury items and art (authenticity, condition, rarity, provenance, historical importance, size, fashion, subject matter, medium, and quality). The research paper should discuss how each of the criteria applies to NFT-based digital art.

I have already developed some research and written a structure for the paper, which you will be able to find attached. The paper should have a minimum of 50 references (I have already provided some). I am expecting an additional 40 pages from the ones I have already written. Paper should be a minimum of 13,000 words without counting cover page, table of contents, and works cited.

Could you include that each of the criteria for the evaluation framework should be supported ideally by a case? Like an example of where it was applied or witnessed in a NFT-based digital art transaction.