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The Evolution and future role of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing corporate frauds

Paper details:

I want the writer to


1. Based on the FAKE interviews. Make analysis via Nvivo or any other qualitative research method software.

2. interpretation and reporting of results with one’s own or given data (lets suppose we have collected the data)

3. Data collection is via interviews only and target audience for the interviews are forensic accountant, corporate fraud lawyers and internal auditors.

4. Research Questions will be uploaded.

5. Module documents along with the assignment requirement will be uploaded. The request from the writer is simply to do the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the data analysis. 2500 words (pilot project assignment). The other 2500 is half way through.

6. this is phd thesis level and will be part of the actual analysis so please don’t miss it up. The work should be of top quality.