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The Feasibility Study with an Aircraft Acquisition Study
Collaborative Module Case Study
Any aviation flight operation is comprised of experts in specific fields from a variety of organizations. The members of this group come together to collaboratively contribute their specific expertise to the overall operation in the same way pieces of a jigsaw puzzle come together to reveal the actual puzzle picture. These people all have to function at and contribute, their best in order to conduct the operation as safely and efficiently as possible. And it is not just in the field flight operations that collaborative effort is required. It is prevalent in all aspects of professional aviation operations, and elsewhere.
In Module 3, your instructor assigned you to a peer group of three or four fellow students. It is now time for that group to work collaboratively. Each group is to collectively write a Collaborative Module Case Study reviewing the principles of a Feasibility Study that includes an Aircraft Acquisition Study
Use the procedures detailed in the NBAA Management Guide (Note: You must register and receive a valid login to access the NBAA Management Guide or view the NBAA Management Guide. Download NBAA Management Guide.Preview the document), and review Appendix B: Aircraft Feasibility Study and Chapter 11, Aircraft Acquisition, of the textbook Practical Applications in Business Aviation Management and Chapter 2, Determining the Need, of the textbook Business and Corporate Aviation Management, and any other sources you might choose. Write a module case study thoroughly and in detail, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, then explaining the procedures and requirements for developing a flight operations Feasibility Study and Aircraft Acquisition Study.
This CMCS should, at a minimum, cover the following information:
1)How to determine the potential uses of a company aircraft, what information is required to do so, and how that information can be researched, gathered, and evaluated
2) How to comprehensively analyze a companys travel needs (current and future), what is required to do so, and how that information can be researched, gathered, and evaluated