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.  What are the major themes at play in the book of 1 Samuel?

 How is Samuel as a prophetic figure distinct from the judges and leaders of Israel that preceded him?

. What are the primary distinguishing factors between the monarchy of Saul and the monarchy of David?

 What do the differences in scale between the extent of Saul’s rule and that of David’s rule suggest about the

 transformation of Judah/Israel’s identity between the first two monarchs?

. What implication did the acquisition of Jerusalem mean for Judah/Israel in terms of the evolution of its religious and political life?

 In terms of the character of prophetic symbolism?

Respond to each question with one to two full paragraphs in which you critically evaluate the reading material from this week, consider its relevance to the learning objectives, and produce competent, informed reflections on its implication for biblical studies, theology, or Christian ministry, as applicable.


Part 2


Based on the learning resources, how does Samuel facilitate the transition of the period of the judges to the period of the monarchy?

 Is Saul’s character and abuse of power something that we also witness in “anointed” leaders in our contemporary political and religious spaces? 

How does Samuel’s leveraging of critique of power function as a central expression of his prophetic role? 

How does this differ from popular conceptions of the prophetic in Christian communities today?