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the HR topics

You need to find a current article (from the past 6 months that is not a Wikipedia article or like a Wikipedia article) that looks at one or several of the HR topics that was covered in the text book from chapters 14 and 15 and how it relates to and impacts the business world. Your paper needs to have a brief overview of the article which includes the article link or a copy of the article and the date it was written (about 200 words) and the response (about 600-700 words) on how it relates and impacts the business world – you can look at it from the employee side, employer side or the business world in general (or all three sides). Make sure you include which chapter or topic you are relating your paper to from the textbook. https://online.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9780135174531/epubcfi/6/360[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3DP7001015528000000000000000001D9C]!/4 [email protected]ord Lily0927 or Lily0927$ [UPSELL_BEGIN] digital_copies_of_sources_used = 0 plagiarism = 0 pref_writer = 0 urgent_writer_assign = 0 version = 4; Technical line. Don’t touch! [UPSELL_END]