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the immigration laws: the need for critical inquiry.

All sources and passages are listed in prompt. Each page should be relative to the specific question(s). The midterm assignment consists of four comparative short essay questions. Aim to provide thorough high quality responses.

Cite as necessary (APA or MLA). 1) In detail, provide a general review of the theses found in: Gallagher (2019) White racial formation: Into the twenty-first century & Johnson (2002) Race and the Immigration Laws: The Need for Critical Inquiry. 1a) Detail the ways in which Gallagher’s and Johnson’s work intersect. List and describe similarities.

2) Briefly, articulate all major theorizations found in Nunn (1997) Law as a Eurocentric enterprise and in Bell’s Racial realism. 2a) Explain the ways in which Bell’s work within Racial Realism intersects with the work of Nunn.

3) Articulate the linkages found amongst the work of: Harris (1993) Whiteness as property, Bell (1980) Brown v. Board of Education and the interest-convergence dilemma, & Cleaver (1994) The antidemocratic power of whiteness. 4) Describe the ways in which Gotanda’s (1991) work of A critique of our constitution is color-blind explains and/or aids some of the theorization found in Alexander’s The New Jim Crow. All of these passages and articles need to be cited. No outside information please.