In class we looked at how the hyperlink to the site for the National Day of Unplugging contributed to Jurgenson’s argument against a puritanical vision of the offline world where phones and social media usage are connoted with addictive and unhealthy behavior. Each of you has been assigned one of the hyperlinked essays to read in tandem with “The IRL Fetish.” Respond to the following questions once you’ve read through your hyperlinked text:

1. First describe the content of your hyperlink. What is the essay about? What are some of the central themes? What is the central argument?

2. Next you’ll look back at “The IRL Fetish” to look at the context of the hyperlink. Where in the essay is your hyperlink found? What is happening in Jurgenson’s argument in the paragraph that it’s located? What ideas/arguments from your hyperlinked text does Jurgenson respond to? What reasons can you determine Jurgenson would have to incorporate a link to this text in his essay? How does your hyperlink redefine or contribute to Jurgenson’s argument?