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The Links Between Physical Activity and Academic Performance
Paper details:
For your final project you and your group will create a miniature Research Proposal. You will choose a topic of interest and through a thorough literature review generate a research question(s). You will be expected to survey the current literature to provide readers with a background of the subject and what your research would provide. You need to define variables and choose the most appropriate study design. You will decide who will be participants and how they will be recruited. Finally, you will describe the statistical methods used and what you expected to discover when your research is concluded.

You will create an extensive document that will be the summation of the following topics:

Research Questions
Introduction and Rationale
Statistical Analysis
Excepted outcomes
Research questions:

Questions must be clear and concise and contain subsequent hypotheses
You are required to develop at least 2 research questions that your study will answer

All variables will be clearly defined and justified

Delimitations will be clearly defined

Minimum of 2 pages typed 12 font double space
Discuss the current state of the topic
Discuss the rationale for your research

Minimum 2 pages typed 12 font double space discussing any:
Participants Inclusion/exclusion
Statistical Analysis

Basic statistical tests used to analyze your data
Expected outcomes:

Based on current research and your expectations what will happen
How will this be applied and contribute