Fiedler’s LPC Theory explains that the style of leadership that is best depends upon the situation. The favorableness of the situation is based on the leader-member relations, the task structure, and the power of the leader. Situations that are favorable or unfavorable benefit from a task leader. Situations that are moderately favorable benefit from a relationship-oriented leader.

 Use your knowledge of Vroom’s Decision Tree to answer the question.

Which of the following suggestions is not one of the five styles identified in Vroom’s Decision Tree model?

The manager presents the problem to the group at a meeting, defines the problem and its boundaries, and then facilitates group member discussion as they make the decision.

The manager presents the problem to group members at a meeting, gets their suggestions, and then makes the decision.

The manager procrastinates on making a decision.

The manager allows the group to define for itself the exact nature and parameters of the problem and then to develop a solution.