Write a 4-5-page essay on the topic below. The primary sources in this collection illustrate how the Nazis used force and repression to maintain order, but they also suggest why millions of Germans enthusiastically embraced a regime that dramatically restricted their civil liberties and denied them fundamental freedoms. Focus on the second part of Moeller’s assertion–that many Germans positively embraced and supported the Nazi regime–and evaluate his claim, thinking about both who and why. Who were some of the key groups who provided the regime’s popular support? And why did they do so? Focus not so much on the “Nazi propaganda” side of the equation as on the experiences, perceptions, motives, interests, and even the emotions of ordinary Germans of various sorts. Don’t forget to think about what they had been through during the Weimar Republic. If the excerpt is password protected, the password is europe20c and the drive link is https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lo0k3cV9SV4yQYOmLCoY-lWWOY46Q-C4?usp=sharing