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I need a PowerPoint presentation for thetopic “The Plague in the Middle Ages.” This presentation is for ahumanity course, so consider that in your key points. Reading from the slidesis allowed, so make sure that you write some materials for me to read. Be surenot to plagiarise or use any AI generator. Include pictures in most of theslides and video close to the end of the slides; the video should be about 3-4minutes long. Also, consider the time limit, which is 10 mins, and it doesn’thave to be exactly 10 mins.

Guidelines and grading criteria forpresentations:

Your presentation should not exceed 20 slides of content. Be prepared to talkfor about 10 (do not rush though your slides, please, nor dwell too long onthem at the expense of the other students who are supposed to speak that day.)You can speak freely, read the text from your slides, or a combination of thetwo. Begin by framing your topic in the correct historical period, then tell uswhat attracted you to your topic. You can then proceed to a deeper analysis ofyour topic proper. Include pictures or short videos relevant to your subject orargument. Finish your presentation with a list of primary or secondary sourcesyou have used to structure your presentation.