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Mandrake Potter (Harry Potters son) began playing Pokmon Go last summer using two different phones. He recorded his battles using a spreadsheet. See Figure 1 for a section (Figure 1).

Date My Pokmon Number My Pokmon Name My Pokmon Type My Pokmon Enemy My enemy Type Winner Battle Duration (minutes) Device Phone’s OS
1/4/2020 12 Charmander Fire Tranquill Flying Tranquill 6 Phone 1 Android
1/14/2020 14 Litleo Fire Cleffa Fairy Litleo 11 Phone 2 IPhone
2/5/2020 1 Phione Water Seviper Poison Phione 7 Phone 2 IPhone
2/5/2020 3 Marshtomp Water Pansear Fire Marshtomp 6 Phone 2 IPhone
4/12/2020 7 Megearna Steel Cobalion Fighting Megearna 7 Phone 1 Android
5/21/2020 12 Charmander Fire Celebi Psychic Celebi 8 Phone1 Android
6/1/2020 9 Pinsir Bug Duskull Ghost Pinsir 10 Phone 2 IPhone

Figure 1

The plan is to construct a simple computer system to handle Harrys Pokmon Battles and Pokmons. Assume that Mandrake and their opponents have only one Pokmon of any given type (i.e., nobody has two Pikachus).
This assignment has two deliverables:
1. Word document/pdf: With your knowledge of the case and listing any assumptions, develop an ERD for the systems database. Include Tables names, attributes (PK & FK), and cardinalities (3NF).
2. Access file with the database: For this assignment you must submit an Access file with your design (AACDB). Your database must include data.