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The power of the Third Reich during World War II
Paper details:
Building on your Literature Review, Biographical Study, and additional research you will write a 15-page research paper on your topic. It will contain a clear thesis statement, a well-reasoned discussion, and a sound conclusion. You may use either footnotes or endnotes, but they must follow the Chicago Manual of Style format. The paper must have a bibliography (not considered part of the 15 pages) which also follows the Chicago Manual of Style. Again, grammar and composition count. Smooth transitions, accurate spelling, appropriate vocabulary, and so forth are all part of a good research paper. This paper will deal with one or more of the major course themes and objectives, and the topic(s) must be cleared with the instructor. As this is a history course, I expect to see not only multiple books and articles used, but also at least 3 primary sources. A primary source is a document that originates from the time period of your topic, not a source that serves as your main source.