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security analyst for a small video game company
Paper details:
You are part of the IT team as a security analyst for a small video game company in Montreal. The company has just received a $500,000 grant for the creation of a new video game to be released in 1 year. The old studio having recently burned down, we must completely redo the company’s IT infrastructure. It rents the 7th full floor of the building located at 24 Mont-Royal Avenue West
The president, who understands the importance of security in the company, decides to allocate $ 200,000 for the IT infrastructure and security of the company. It asks you to create a guidelines document for infrastructure and security (logical and physical).
The game world is a very competitive field, all shots are allowed and moreover, the attention is turned on the company and many people want to know the latest details of the game, but also prevent its launch, steal it, or use ransomware.