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the process in which im currently in is at the court of appeals. For dependency court matter.

the process in which im currently in is at the court of appeals.for dependecy court matter. the attorney representing me filed a sade c which said she didnt’t find any arguable explanation to continue with a appeal while reviewing the case. I filed a appeal based on factual evidence that was not brought to the attention to the court. The evidence was not presented and the purpose of that was to make me look worse. I was doing everything the court had asked me to do. I made the other party aware I took it upon myself to find my own drug classes and parenting classes that where court approved that i found on the courts website. I also was proactive and paid with my own money.

My husband was ordered to do the same classes drug awareness and parenting classes while he is incarcerated. He paid for his own drug awareness class and was also proactive because inside the jails they dont have access to these kinds of services from a entity. Also the entity states they have made reasonable efforts to contact me theres no proof they have done so. I have screenshots of text message conversations between me and this entity that i notified them i was doing my own drug and parenting classes while they malciousely took their time finding me treatment councling. I just need a brief done its a letter in my words why I think its necessary for the courts to hear my reasoning for an appeal to take place. As I provide clear and factual evidence of even my own attorney that a week earlier recieved those same certificates of completetion via email. On 4/12/2021 at the contested jurisdictional hearing.

My own attorney was handed these certificates of completiotion. He has no objections to submitted reports by DPSS. In other words he does not object to the DPSS report. In this DPSS report the social worker lies under penalty and perjury in her report that was electronically filed on 4//7/2021 that the mother Nichole has made minimal progress and the father has made zero. Though this social worker fails to provide details of text conversation with mother Nichole that she recieved and will verifiy with the courts if certificates will be accepted. The attorney of Nichole also fails to stand up for Nichole as he was personally handed these certificates. Another factual argument that needs to be included is the fact that the father is incarcerated was given a 6 month time constraint to complete services from march 5th 2021 to sept 12th 2021. From his last contact with DPSS that was march the 9th 2021 until now june 25th DPSS has failed to make contact to supply him with these refunification services. DPSS is aware he is a inmate and knows he doesnt have the will or way to hop on the phone to call around to find drug classes, parenting classes, and counselin. DPSS job is to mail him drug, parenting, and counceling classes to complete but havent to date and legally cannot supply proof that they have. These are two arguable facts that the appeals courts needs to be brought to light about. DPSS needs to be exposed for who and what they are as to the evil, fraudelent entity that they are portraying to the court system. DPSS is just a government kidnapping ring and a legal form of human trafficiking with peoples kids