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The Pros and Cons of the Educational System
Paper details:
Thesis must make a specific and significant claim. Remember to ask So what? Why does your alleged thesis matter? If it doesnt, you need a new thesis
It must have a minimum of five sources
It must follow MLA style and formatting
All in-text and works cited page citations must follow MLA style.
Do not use the Word function for citations
The works cited must be annotated. Answer these questions about each source you cite.
o What kind of source is this? (Book, website (whose?), journal article, whatever)
o Why do you trust this source? (Finding it on the librarys database is not reason enough. Why is it trustworthy enough to be in the database?)
Be sure your sources are credible.
o Do not use sites such as Psychology Today or WebMD or History.com. They are imitations of reputable sources.
o If you find a newspaper article about a study that you want to use, find the study. Read and cite it, not the newspaper article.
o Do not use or cite Shmoop, School Work Helper, Spark Notes, Ivy Panda or any similar site. Sites that will sell you papers are not credible sources.
o Do not cite a journal articles abstract. Read and cite the article.
o Academic journals are the best sources.
Sources are works cited only if you cite them in your paper and you should cite every quote and every piece of information you take from someone elses work.
You must use at least one direct quote.
Remember to properly introduce and cite quotes. Readers should know why they should trust the information youre giving them.