This assignment will use data from a career assessment given by myself (referred to in the first person or as the Candidate, do not use counselor!) to an adolescent(referred to as adolescent or student) within a school counseling environment. The results of this assessment, the i Start Strong assessment, are attached. They are the result of a real 16-year-old students responses. The goal of this assignment is to reflect on ones performance as a counseling candidate after learning about Career Counseling (course textbook attached), administering this i Start Strong assessment to an adolescent, and, most importantly, presenting the adolescent with the results and going over them together in an appropriate way that demonstrates ones competency as a future career counselor. Competency is defined by a list of 5 competencies and sub-competencies that I have attached as a list. The Textbook (Zunker 2016) is attached. PLEASE CITE THE ATTACHED TEXTBOOK as a reference THROUGHOUT THE ESSAY relevant information will be found mostly in Chapters 15 and 16. Cite three additional peer-reviewed sources in addition to the textbook. Exact instructions and an outline of EXACTLY how the essay should be written is attached. All in all, the following resources are attached: i Start Strong assessment (results of a students career inventory/interests test),
Textbook (Zunker 2016),
Detailed instructions (with list of competencies/sub-competencies) + Essay outline