1. The Science of Addiction: This is important to understand because alcohol use/abuse during pregnancy is the cause of this birth disorder condition.

Be sure to answer ALL the prompts completely and thoroughly.

  1. Describe what you have learned about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and what you have learned from this course about this condition (you might consider revisiting the first week’s lectures to help answer this).
  2. Describe what you learned from one of the various topics presented in the course about the topic you’ve chosen.
  3. Next, how does the topic you chose relate to FASD and how did it influence your developing understanding about FASD?
  4. Within your topic, next describe what you found most interesting and what did you find most disturbing in its relationship to FASD?
  5. Finally, in your opinion, in reviewing the set of topics for this course, which of these topic(s) do you believe is the most important toward improving the public opinion and understanding of this birth disorder and how we prevent children from being born with lifelong cognitive and behavioral issues?
  6. Extra Credit: Taking your final comments from E., come up with a SET (NOT one ad but a SET of PSAs) of public service announcements that could be used in a social media campaign. You could think of this in terms of different audiences—women, men, health care providers, or even different age groups of women.