N​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​O Plagiarism Make sure to include academic citations*, but do NOT include quoted material. At this level in your education, you should be able to paraphrase ideas and materials AND illustrate these with creative examples you come up with on your own. The exception would be to definitions that are technical (typically mathematical), which then must be e​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​xplained (i.e paraphrased) anyway. • What is research and what- specifically- is behavioral research? • Why in psychology do we rely on research to explain behavior? • What are the differences between scientific versus nonscientific explanations? • What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative ​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​research?