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Crime in America has become a normal part of everyday life. There have been ongoing discussions on crime control and possible policies that could slow down crime in America. However, when it comes to slowing down the willingness to commit crime, there are two theories that have had a significant impact on the reduction of crime.

The two theories are Specific Deterrence and General Deterrence. Specific deterrence focuses on the individual, while general deterrence focuses on the general public. While each specific and general deterrence has a different focus, the overall purpose of these theories are preventing crime.

Using the knowledge that you have gained from this weeks reading assignments, Intellipath and MUSE assets, and other information provided, address the following questions in a 2-3 page paper: Identify and discuss the similarities and differences between general deterrence and specific deterrence.

Using the resources and materials provided this week in class, discuss a criminal case that best explains each theory. Provide your opinion on whether you believe these theories work at preventing future crimes. While it is not necessary to provide complete citations in an APA format, your paper should include URLs and titles for any information used to support your position.