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the virtual clinical experience

This activity will be started in class. You will complete the virtual clinical experience in class (40 min or so) and begin answering the reflection questions in class as part of a faculty-led discussion. You will be responsible for completing the reflection questions using the rubric and submit to Canvas by the due date. A Virtual Clinical Learning Experience/Reflection using Transformational Leadership and Systems Thinking OBJECTIVES The student will: Reflect on quality management principles in practice. Reflect on systems thinking principles in practice Apply systems thinking principles to professional practice Apply transformational leadership principles to professional practice QSEN KSAs Quality Improvement:

Appreciate that continuous quality improvement is an essential part of the daily work of all health professionals. Knowledge: Describe approaches for changing processes of care. Attitude: Appreciate the value of what individuals and teams can to do to improve care Safety: Describe factors that create a culture of safety (such as, open communication strategies and organizational error reporting systems). Knowledge: Delineate general categories of errors and hazards in care. Skills: Communicate observations or concerns related to hazards and errors to patients, families, and the health care team. Attitude:

Value own role in preventing errors. Reflections on the experience Describe one specific way you have or could use principles of systems thinking to enhance outcomes, using supportive citations Describe one specific way you have or could use principles of transformational leadership to enhance outcomes, using supportive citations Please provide a supportive rationale using the use of information taken from at least a 1-course resource. Your understanding will be demonstrated as you explain transformational leadership and systems thinking key concepts in your own words and apply them to your reflections, providing a supportive rationale for your decisions.