Length: five to eight paragraphs (minimum 1/3 page each paragraph with at least three sentences).

Review student essay page 325 Patterns: Use this as a model for your cause and effect essay — you will, however, write at least three sentences for the introductory paragraph (hook, connecting, then thesis statement). 

You will cite (document MLA format for in-text citations) all statistics and dates. 

You will add include three in-text citations (for a five-paragraph essay) — more may be added for essays up to eight paragraphs. ONE of the in-text citations will be a “LONG QUOTE”  to practice how to insert these in academic writing (see modules “short and long quotes”).

Works Cited page required — three to five sources — use library database for most of these.  

MLA format throughout. Use of higher-level transitions will count towards a better grade.