The website includes data showing student enrollment in different programs. What percentage of students is enrolled in the Gifted and Talented program? What percentage is in Career and Technical Education? (Note: The Career and Technical Education data are missing for some districts.) Students enrolled in the Gifted and Talented program are aiming to go to college. Meanwhile, students in Career and Technical education are​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‌‍‍​ preparing to enter the workforce. Go to the school district’s website and look for information on each program. (Google the name of the school district along with Gifted and Talented program. Then, do the same for Career and Technical education.) Write a paragraph discussing the amount and quality of information you find online from the perspective of a parent considering enrolling your child in one of the programs in the district. Is the information easy to find? Is it clearly presented? Is there contact information for parents who have questions? (15 pts.) 

How do you rate the academic performance of the district in light of the risk environment it faces? Write a paragraph in which you compare and contrast the academic performance of district students with students statewide. Use at least two of the measures given on the website, discussing why each measure is important. Do not use dropout rates and graduation rates as two separate measures. Do not use ACT and SAT scores as two separate measures. You can use them as one measure, but you must include another measure as well. The Texas Education Agency assigns letter grades to school districts. You may discuss that grade as part of your analysis, but don’t use it instead of one of the two performance measures. Do NOT discuss faculty data in answering this question. (20 pts.) 

 How do you rate the quality of the district’s faculty? Write a paragraph in which you compare the strength of district personnel with statewide averages using data found in the database. Be sure to identify the measures that you consider most appropriate for assessing faculty quality. Do NOT use student performance data to address this question. (15 pts.) 

Assume that you are a parent considering purchasing a home in the district. Would you be comfortable having your children attend its schools? Write a paragraph giving your overall evaluation of the district based on the data found at the website