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The Worst of the Worst

 minimum of a total of 6 pages (at least two pages for each question) and detail what you feel were the most important historical aspects of the  following:  (1) gang activity, and   (2) the use of super-maximum security facilities in U.S. prison systems. 

Please use and comment on the Yale Law School video- “The Worst of the Worst”– as to the view of the Yale Law students and the persons interviewed in the movie about what is happening at Northern CI in CT and also comment on the recent announcement that Northern CI is going to be closed. For each question be sure to address how each of these 3 specific issues  has affected the current operational practices of correctional agencies?

 Be sure to fully support your positions and cite as appropriate. You should be using as many varied resources, with proper APA citations indicated both for in-text citations as well as at the end of your final exam paper in a Works Cited or Resources section at the end of your paper.