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Theory Compare / Contrast assignment 

Theory Compare / Contrast assignment  For this assignment, you will do no less than 7 pages in length, not including required cover and Reference pages, comparing and contrasting these  two personality theories Humanistic personality theory and Psychoanalytic personality theory. Your task is to demonstrate your knowledge of these theories you chose via descriptions of their key concepts and detailing the most important aspects of each theory in explaining personality.

This is a comprehensive assignment and you should demonstrate in your work that you have studied and comprehended the similarities and the differences between your two chosen theories. This is a fact based assignment only. It should not be based upon your preference for a theory or your opinion. Your submission should be double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides of each page and should be free of spelling and grammar errors. It must include source crediting of any materials used in APA format, including source citations in the body of your assignment and in a Reference list attached to the end. Easy to follow guides to APA formatting can be found on the tutorial section of the APUS Online Library and on the following website. Upon submission your assignment will automatically be submitted to Turnitin.