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What is a Business Process Management? (BPM)

There are many definition of BPM and is difficult to pinpoint as to exactly what is BPM. But, BPM should be viewed as a discipline, a comprehensive methodology which is driven by business results, and a holistic systematic approach to achieving optimized business outcomes. BPM basically enables organizations to align business functions with customer needs, and helps executives determine how to deploy, monitor and measure company resources. BPM has the ability to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and minimize errors and risk

Various Useful online sites for BPMN (business process model notation)
Click on the following URL
Where What is BPM? (Business Process Management) and related topics are presented with some BPM in action videos. Check out the site and the videos.
The following benefits are often cited by organizations employing BPM as improvements
Lead Time (Cycle Time) reduced by 90%
Productivity increased by 50%
Work-In-Process Inventory reduced by 80%

Think of businesses your are familiar with and provide some discussion on the ways you think the operation of the business can be implemented with the use of BPM. (Try viewing BPMS is Action Part 1 and 2 videos and other videos you may be interested.)