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Thesis Proposal : Gender and Inequality in Fashion Photography in New York
Paper details:
Describe your research project using one of the methods we discussed in class. The project should include a 1) research question, 2) the methods you would use to answer it (each method answers a different research question), 3) why these methods are especially appropriate (you must justify your choice of methods), and 4) what they do not allow you to look at (i.e., the pros and cons of the method), 5) what exactly you would actually do once you begin gathering data, 6) a brief reflection on your positionality vis-vis your field (this will grow once you begin fieldwork). Finally, 7) you must also include a section on what you expect to find. Make sure your expected findings are actually linked to your methods. If you choose interviews, you must include a list of interview questions (does not count toward page limit). These questions should be related to the larger research question. The section on expected findings might help you with this.

Please use the same citation format as the Interview Guide docx.

This is the final project of the semester. Its a thesis proposal. My chosen topic is Gender and Inequality in Fashion Photography in New York. I have included the previous assignment Interview Guide docx. Since I have chosen to do interviews, the whole thing should revolve around interviews, and need to be very very very about the readings. The professor has pointed out that we need to make sure all the terminology mentioned is actually in the readings, especially the methods.

In my plan, I am going to interview about 20 female fashion photographers in New York, with questions listed in the Interview Guide docx. Please take a look at that. And I will maybe land in a conclusion that I started out thinking its a gender issue, but with the in-depth interview, I eventually found the underlying connection/issue with race But I am not sure until I actually conduct the interviews. But that could be a starting point for the section of what you expect to find. Also, a side note, I am a female asian fashion photographer in New York, in case you want to make any connections to that. Also, please note the “Interview guide” docx was the last assignment I submitted, so u know the kind of writing style, and not too far or different from that should be good, the professor is not that strict.

There might be a chance that I will add in more pages, because its unclear now how many pages the professor wants. But I will let you know as soon as possible if there is any change. Before that, just doing it like the requirements is fine. And just please make sure to connect with the readings, then it should be good!