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The professor stated that I need to tie some paragraphs together better
what would that fall under
she said not a rewrite but adding a bit more
Required revisions were still not made in the following areas:
Chapter 1 connection between transformational leadership and the retention of nurses is still not addressed as the focus of the study.
Personal significance is not provided from a personal perspective but more based on research.
Thesis statement or research question is required.
Chapter 2 -still does not include the theory which is guiding the research and its connection to transformational leadership and nurse retention.
Chapter 3 Focus is still on PDSA Lean Six Sigma approach instead of research methods which will be used for the study.
You need to discuss the research which you conducted. The information you are using in Chapter four seems to be based on research or a program previously conducted. There is no appendix detailing the results or providing data of the research you conducted.
The data is not provided in an organized or logical report. Conclusions drawn seem general.
This was her feed back