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They will also include a title page and bibliography.

For the 7th week you have a paper to write, and textbook readings. Write about one of the Major prophets (Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, or Ezekiel). Include their background, important events of their life, and the purpose of their life. The Paper is worth 100 points.

The paper is to be at least three pages long, double spaced with a twelve-point font. They will also include a title page and bibliography. Reference the textbook at least three times for each assignment and use at least one additional source including the Bible.

Use Turabian style. Make sure you read chapters one and two in Witherington’s Invitation to the New Testament. The Paper will be graded as follows: The point grading for this assignment will be as follows: Title page: 5 points Bibliography: 5 points Referencing: 5 points (reference textbooks 3 times, Additional source citing) Main part of Paper: 85 points (Did student write about questions for assignment? Was the paper at least 3 pages in length? Was it free of grammatical and spelling errors? ) Total: 100 points