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and I talk about Section 2 – Freedom of Expression
The maximum length is 500 words, and it must include 10 sources (your textbook can count as one source)
to start, think about how the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms relates to the topic
You should include areas of law, ethics, public opinion, etc. This will vary according to the topic. The aim of the literature review is NOT to describe the case you are dealing with, but rather, the general ideas that surround the topic. Example: If your case was R. v. Morgentaler, your literature review should cover other cases that deal with abortion, equality, womens rights, fetal rights, etc.

It should incorporate the philosophy/ethics of equality. It should include some information on public opinion and how there are many arguments in the public and media about this topic. Think about what the role of the courts is meant to be in the society:

To promote change? To uphold the law? To create equality?
Think about the issues your court case discusses. What are they?