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Elizabeth Murray was a famous contemporary painter, who worked on large-scale, multi-shaped canvases. She set up an interesting design problem for herself, in that she abandoned the traditional rectangle to paint an image inside of, instead opting for an arrangement of shaped canvases to exist on the space of the wall, itself. In this interview of Elizabeth Murray on Art 21, pay close attention to not only her finished work, but also her process of painting in the studio. After watching the video, please respond to the discussion questions below.

Link to video: https://art21.org/watch/art-in-the-twenty-first-century/s2/elizabeth-murray-in-humor-segment/

a. Thinking about Elizabeth Murrays work, what are the boundaries between painting and sculpture? Why is it important to those who talk and write about art to make distinctions between different art forms? Murray says Everythings been done a million times. Is it possible to make art that is completely new? Why or why not?