PROMPT: Chapter seven discusses the various ways that we learn and think.  Chapter seven in particular, discusses in detail three common problems that cause issues when someone is trying to solve a problem or make a decision.

Based on your reading, what are these three common problem solving issues?  Define each one, and give at least one example of each one as well to explain how it can cause problems when trying to problem solve or make decisions. Please use your textbook as a reference and BE SURE to site your source in the text AND at the end of your post.  It’s okay to get information from other places to do an assignment as long as you rearrange the words in our own way (this is called paraphrasing) AND you site it in text (Author Last, year of publication) and as a reference at the end of your post.  Do not use exact wording copied from your source (textbook, scholarly articles, etc.), you MUST say it in your own words. 

Please refer to the following link as a source on how to properly  use in-text citation in APA formatting: (Links to an external site.) 

AND this link as a source on how to properly cite your source as a reference at the end in APA formatting: (Links to an external site.)


Your original post responding to the prompt should be no less than 200 words, should use in-text citations, cite your references at the end, use proper grammar and spelling, and should answer the prompt correctly.  At least ONE source is required for the original post.  In addition, you are to also respond in no less than 50 words to at least TWO of your fellow classmate’s posts.

Please refer to the rubric below for how I will grade each post.

You may type directly into the discussion box below, or type your posts on another document and copy and paste them into the box.  If you have any questions about these instructions, please reach out to me.

Grading Rubric for Online Discussion Assignments:

Original post is well thought out and correctly responds to prompt instructions.  All concepts were included in post that were in the prompt. 0-20 points
Original post and 2 response posts use proper grammar, sentence structure, correct spelling, and reflects college level writing.  0-20 points
Original post uses at least one reference which is correctly referenced at the end of the post, and uses correct in-text citations.  Both are APA formatting required, no MLA formatting allowed. 0-20 points
Includes 2 well thought out responses to classmate’s original posts, with 50 words or more and uses respectful language and tone.  Responses should be in relation to the prompt material only. 0-20 points
Original post is at least 200 words or more. 0-20 points
Total Possible Score 0-100 points