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This assignment is all about “Business Process Re-engineering”.

Read the 1-888-Junk-Van case (in your Harvard Course Pack). This assignment is all about “Business Process Re-engineering”. It is not about picking one of the five possible system solutions. Select one of Junk Van’s business processes that is impacting the company or the customer, and radically redesign it for the better. You need to describe the current process and the issues its creating, followed by your new radically redesigned process and how it alleviates the current problems being experienced. As appropriate you can use narrative and business process flow diagrams/charts to describe your business process re-engineering solution. This assignment must be submitted in Word or PDF format. No handwritten diagrams are allowed (you can use PowerPoint or Visio and embed the diagrams into your paper). Your report should be professional and not exceed 4 double spaced pages (this page limit does not include the cover sheet, table of contents, references, etc. – only the body of the report). All sources (including Web sites) must be appropriately cited (APA or MLA format). You do not need to cite the case.