This is a Exegetical Research paper is to be typed using double spacing a twelve point font and one inch margins. The minimum lenth is nine pages (excluding the title page and the bibliography) citations should be referenced in accordance with the guidelines of A christians writers manuel , A Manuels for writers of term paper . Title (page) the passage that you are exegeting,the course title(BI 2318 Unstanding The Bible)The Professors Name the date submitted and my name.(Main Idea and Outline)Identify the passage Then summarize the main idea of the passage in the sentence next present a full outline of your passage showing how the main idea unfolds for each main point of your outline show in parentheses which main verses correspond All of the verses of your outline show in parenthses which main verses correspond all verses should be included in the main idea(Introduction 1/2 to 1 page) This paragragh should gain the readers attention and introduce the main idea of the passage ( context 1t2pages) this part consists of two sections first brief discussion of the historical cultural context of the book what do the reader need to know about the biblical author the orginal audience and their world in order to grasp the meaning second discuss the literary context of your passage describe the authors flow of thought in the book discuss how the passage fits into and contributes to the flow of thought pat attention to how your passage relates to passage (content at least 5 Pages)Bibliography 1 Page) Present a formal bibliography of the sources you cite in the paper list the books