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Paper details:
This is an investment analysis of Micron technology. The assignment has two parts basically: The first is all the background info, everything about the company that is found everywhere, and other people’s analyses. Background (-Descriiption, -history, -segments, -geographic scope) Recent Developments Financials found on their investor’s website, reports,… Industry Analysis (Porters Five forces references) Risks Factors All those info can be found on the SEC Filings Website, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, and Seeking Alpha,…(View template table for more details) The second part is basically “MY” Valuation, my analysis. I was asked to do the DCF Analysis and base my explanation on that. I do not need help with that. please just focus on the first part. I will attach the instruction template and my previous investment analysis paper (except the valuation part) you can follow how that one was done with more information if possible.