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Explore one of these topics and how it is applied in hospitality organizations.

My project will take an In-Depth Look into Marriott’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives program. The words of Marisa Milton, Senior Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition and Inclusive Opportunity, Marriott International

Marisa Milton: Since Marriotts founding in 1927, our core value of putting people first and our deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion have guided how we interact with people and how we do business every day. This is the foundation that sustains our TakeCare culture and business success.
First, you need to decide if you will work by yourself or form a group of students (up to 3 members). Second, identify a specific hospitality sector (hotels, Restaurants, Cruise Lines, Amusement/ theme parks, Casinos). You will then select few nationally known organizations within this sector. For example, if I choose to work on green practices in restaurants, I might investigate recycling or using eco-friendly products at Starbucks, Chipotle, Darden restaurants, Panera Bread. If you choose lodging, you might look at Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Wyndham).

Third, you need to Conduct online research to discover these companies various activities in relation to the topic of your choice and how these organizations are engaged in these activities. You need to visit their web sites and find out about their vision and mission statements as well as any online articles or blogs to support your research topic.

You need to answer the following questions: How does these organizations present/ communicate their activities to their stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, the local community, government agencies)? How do various stakeholders benefit from these activities? Be sure to consider the most important stakeholder groups.

Write an 5-7 page, APA formatted, research paper explaining the concept you chose and its application in the hospitality industry. Include a brief introduction of the selected Sector and the organizations you investigated, the activities these organizations participate in, the benefits that each stakeholder group derives from these activities, and how these companies communicate their activities. Please note: Everyone in the Group works on one paper together.

Research Paper Rubric

Length 5 or more


APA Format


Explain the topic of choice


Introduce Organizations (visions and mission statements)


Organizations; activities


Stakeholders Identified


Stakeholder Benefits




Level of Sophistication (clarity and writing style)


Conclusion (what you learned from the project)