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This Module on Human Resources discusses Managing Human Resources Globally.
The Assignment
Students will submit a written analysis of a selected topic. The paper will
be typed, double spaced and the content of the paper will be between 3-5 pages in
The Topic:
Organizations often find that they need to develop new skills and
abilities in order to expand their operations internationally. Consider the differences
between operating in one country and operating in many countries. Write an essay
describing the skills and abilities that an organization would need to develop in order to compete in the global marketplace. Explain why those skills and abilities are especially
important in an international setting. Provide examples to support your point of view.
You are required to follow proper APA or MLA formatting and use no less than 3
credible sources.
Grading Criteria
To receive the highest grade possible, I need to see clear and complete evidence that: 1) Your responses are professional and polished, meaning a solid demonstration of
critical thinking skills, 2) Your responses use proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, and formatting, 3) You successfully synthesize or effectively interpret/analyze the research obtained from your selected sources. A grading rubric is located within the Module.
Sources may include electronic articles, journals, blogs, etc. DO NOT use your text as a reference; Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.