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The American Government has three branches.  Many note that the legislative branch (Congress) was given the most powers in the U.S Constitution and was designed to be closest to the people.  In addition, the Executive branch, headed by the President, has increased its power during the last century; many argue beyond what the founding fathers anticipated. Finally, the judiciary branch created its own power in Marbury v. Madison.  Alexander Hamilton called the Supreme Court “the least dangerous branch” and the courts consistently score as the most popular or trusted part of government.


Reflect on the powers given to each of the branches and how they have used or use power(s) today. Be certain to give multiple examples for each branch.  ADDRESS THIS AREA FIRST AND THEN MOVE TO NEXT QUESTIONS.

Which of the branches do you believe to be the most powerful or influential?

Which branch do you believe should be the most powerful?  

Explain ALL your answers and use examples to earn points.

Your responses should be at least 4-5 full paragraphs long (with 8-10 sentences each) and demonstrate your understanding of these concepts and capacity to critically evaluate the questions. Your response must be double spaced, 12 font and have 1 inch margins.  You need to have left justify or not have your right side lined up with center justify which gives awkward spacing on the page and there will be deduction of points if this is present. Upload only the answer to this essay question here.