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Throw around words that demonstrate you know the vocabulary.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that you can make up any numbers or estimates you want. Don’t try to be empirically or scientifically “correct” all the time. Assume problems spiral out of control any way you want. What I’m looking for is your creative and original (there’s no “right” way to do it) PLAN to deal with everything (and more) in the scenario and prevent anything like it from happening again. Here are some suggestions and I am always available for guidance, although don’t take my ideas as gospel. It’s YOUR IDEAS that count. It helps to write as if you’re a high-level DHS official preparing a report like a national security or intelligence agency assessment, and although I am not a stickler on this, the audience is the President.

Throw around words that demonstrate you know the vocabulary. Get your best ideas across any way you want to word them. A diagram would be nice. The sky’s the limit. Don’t feel like you have to respond literally to each and every word as I’ve written it because you can take things in any direction you want to consider and/or modify the scenario somewhat. Coup d’etat – nobody has ever figured out to prevent them, so you are in uncharted territory. You should analyze the pattern and type, figure out a way to manage it and return to “normal” however you want to define it.  Think about reforms in civil-military relations. There are four basic “types” but never an “American type” which you might want to opine about.

Give consideration to what “dereliction of duty” means. You can assume the coup stopped the sell-off of land, or you may not, depending on which direction you want to go. Speculate on ways to deal with invaders/buyers; e.g., the Arabs, the Chinese, or some trillionaire. Remember the founder’s warnings about unity and factionalism, and consider a whole new U.S. Constitution if you want, or re-establish our “fighting” one so we can be more resilient from future revolutions and better deal with adversaries who take advantage of us in insidious ways.