For this essay, you are to select some incident in Computer or Data Ethics that occurred and caused harm. Your essay should describe the incident, indicate the consequences and any resolution to the incident, and indicate what the ethical lapses were. For the ethical lapses, indicate what was done wrong, why it was done wrong, and what should have been done differently to prevent the incident from occurring. Indicate why the lapse is ethically incorrect and the harm that it caused.

To ensure variety, no incident can be used by no more than five students. When you select an incident, go to the Essay 2 Incident topic in the Ethics in Action discussion forum. See if someone has selected that same incident. If not, create a thread describing the incident. If you see that someone has already selected the incident, ensure there are less than four replies to the thread. If there are four or more replies, select another subject. No more than five students will be allowed to write an essay on a particular incident. If there are less than four replies, add one indicating you are writing the essay on the topic.

Write a 1000-2000 word essay. Essays with less than 1000 words will not be accepted. Be sure to include proper citations for the sources you use and anything that you quote or reference. An essay with no references is not an essay, it’s an opinion piece. Do not cut and paste content from any source except for direct quotes, which must be indicated as such by being property cited.