Instructional Materials and References
Straubhaar, J. D., LaRose, R., & Davenport, L. (2018). Media now: Understanding media, culture, and technology. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

SOC 250 Syllabus

3.1 Discussion Forum

To Text or to Call, That Is the Question

This discussion will help us reflect on how the third screen (our smartphones and tablets) have changed how we communicate with each other, and more importantly, what is culturally and socially acceptable.


  1. Read Chapter 11: Advertising of the textbook and read the article below. As you read the article, start thinking about how the implementation of calling someone has changed in our society.
    • The Atlantic [Webpage].
      Available at (Links to an external site.)
      • Note: Search for talk to people on the telephone in the search bar.
  2. Then, answer the following questions in at least 150 words or more:
    1. Do you prefer to text or call people? Why?
    2. What are three positive and three negative aspects of texting someone rather than calling them?
    3. We have all most likely experienced a situation where we called/texted someone and they did not respond until days later and often apologizing that they have been too busy to text or call us back (maybe we have done it to other people too) even though we know a quick text or call only takes a minute. Since more people have mobile phones in our society and can be reached theoretically 24/7, what does it mean now if you call and/or text someone and they do not respond to you? Is this socially acceptable, do we consider this rude, or is this just the way things are now?
  3. Once you have made your initial post, please respond to at least two classmates in at least 50 words or more. Your classmate response should keep the conversation going, state what you liked/did not like, what your post might have in common, or ask follow up questions to help foster conversation.