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In a recently released Social Progress Index, Canada is ranked second amongst all nations for its racial tolerance and inclusion. However, many critics still point out that racism is still an
extremely serious issue in contemporary Canada. How does racism and discrimination manifest
itself in contemporary Canadian society?

Canada has been described as a country that has a social security net. Is Canadas welfare state
an effective system of social security?

Despite the advancements in gender equality Canada remains an unequal place in terms of
gender. What are the gender inequalities that currently afflict Canadian society?

Evaluation Criteria
strength of thesis and appropriate scope of topic
quality of argument, strength of reasons/evidence given, persuasiveness
clarity and organization of ideas
appropriate use of at least sources 3 sources. Whatever else you use is up to you, as long as it is of good academic quality.
language conventions (grammar, spelling, etc.) and style, including proper essay structure
adherence to MLA formatting guidelines (your essay must include BOTH in-text citations and a Work Cited page).